Events (party, dinner, tours, and field trip)

Party and dinner

We will organize the following party and dinner and take personal dinner reservations. Pre-registration and payment are necessary for the welcome party (April 3) and gala dinner (April 5) by February 28 March 7. Personal (not group) dinner (April 4 and/or 6) needs to be paid for at the Kansai Kenshu Center (KKC). There are few restaurants for international customers near the venue. KKC serves various ethnic food for international trainees. Please make your personal dinner reservation if necessary.

Welcome party: Nonohana House (1st floor of the venue)
We can accept thirty participants. (in Japanese) 

Gala dinner: Aoi Napoli in the Park (Tennoji Park) (in Japanese)

Personal dinner: Canteen at AOTS Kansai Kenshu Center (KKC)

Welcome party


Nonohana House
Sugimoto Library, OMU

Date & Time

18:00 – 20:00, April 3
Up to thirty participants


Gala dinner


Aoi Napoli in the Park
Tennoji Park (Tenshiba)

Date & Time

19:00 – 21:00, April 5


Personal dinner reservation


AOTS Kansai Kenshu Center (KKC)

Date & Time

18:30 – 20:30, April 4 and/or 6

¥ 1,150

Short tours in Osaka

We will not organize any one-day tour but recommend the following sightseeing tours in Osaka. If you are interested, please visit their sites. Due to the pandemic, no commercial tours from Osaka to Kyoto or Nara are offered.

Osaka Duck Tour:
The tour, the first of its kind in Japan, offers a novel way of enjoying the cityscape of Osaka: that from aboard an amphibious bus. The attraction perfectly suits Osaka, the city of waterways, and is now available on a regular basis.

Osaka Sky Vista:
This tour offers a 60-minute double-decker bus tour showing Osaka’s urban landscapes. The tour serves daily with the multilingual guide system (English, Chinese, and Koren).

Osaka Castle and the Gozabune Boat:[]=ride&lang=en
The Gozabune Boat offers a short tour to look around Osaka Castle from its inner moats. The tour can be combined with a visit to Osaka Castle and a walk in the Osaka Castle Park.

Other tourist attractions and experiences in Osaka: 

Post-conference Field Trip to Okinawa

The field trip will be organized from April 7 to 9 and include a bus tour on Okinawa Island (the biggest and most populated island of the prefecture) to visit several sites of war memory, militarization, and tourism, and a mini-workshop co-organized by the Research Institute for Islands and Sustainability of the University of the Ryukyus.

According to your pre-survey response (the survey was closed on December 31), please select your payment from the following three flight categories. The payment includes your flight(s), bus rental fee, hotel room, some meals, and other necessary expenses. Each participant must make payment individually, whether the participant is part of a family group. If different room charges are applied, we will settle them in USD before the trip.

Category 1: $450 with round-trip flight tickets
Category 2-s: $325 with a one-way flight ticket and single rooms
Category 2-t: $280 with a one-way flight ticket and twim rooms (per person) 
Category 3: $170 with no flight ticket

The URL’s for payment will be send to each of the pre-survey respondents. If you cancel the trip or change your flight, please let us know as soon as possible at