Call for Sessions

By situating islands in various relations, this conference focuses on them from three inter-related viewpoints: conflicts, sustainability, and peace and addresses the following three component questions (the main conference theme is on the top page):

  1. Why and how were/are islands involved in what kind of conflicts or uneven power relations?
  2. How can islands’ sustainable development contribute to their political-economic autonomy?
  3. How can we practice geography for island peace?

This conference is open to any case studies across the world if they fit in the main conference theme. It is also open to any IGU Commissions, geographers, other scientists, university students, and the public who wish to share the theme topics with us. 

Based on the above-mentioned main conference themes, sessions could be organized for the following sub-themes and other relevant topics:


  • Insular geopolitics between land and sea
  • Hegemony, dispossession, and displacement
  • Colonization and dependency
  • Militarization, securitization, and gendering of islands
  • Migration and offshore detention
  • Territorial disputes, border, and nationalism
  • Border control over islands and islanders
  • In-betweenness of islands


  • Globalization and sustainable livelihoods
  • Adaptive island governance and climate change
  • Environmental vulnerability
  • Local marine resource management and communities
  • Renewable energy and development
  • Tourism and human/non-human sustainability
  • Militarism and its ecological impacts
  • Indigenous geographies and their preservation


  • Decolonization and indigenous rights
  • Demilitarization and alternative economy
  • Denuclearization and neutralization
  • Transnational/inter-island peace movements
  • Trans-border networks and cooperation
  • Trans-border tourism/trade
  • Restoration of island cultures
  • Island autonomy and peace

If you would like to organize a session for the conference, please fill out the following form and send it to us no later than August 15, 2022. Each session will consist of four papers. A session proposal must include at least two potential co-presenters. The scientific committee will review submitted session proposals, select approximately 20 (in-person and virtual) sessions, and announce the review results by the end of August. The call for abstracts will be open in September 2022.

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